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Reverse Mount Pedal Assemblies

Part NumberDescriptionBrandPrice
16319029 340-11299
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ADJ DUAL PEDAL 6.25:1, REV SWING MNTWilwood Brakes$225.95
16313029 340-13835
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ADJ DUAL PEDAL, 5.1:1Wilwood Brakes$225.95
16312029 340-13836
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ADJ DUAL PEDAL, REV SWINGWilwood Brakes$225.95
16311029 340-13837
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ADJ BRAKE PEDAL, 5.1:1Wilwood Brakes$163.95
2331029 340-5180
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Reverse Mount Dual Master Cylinder 5.1:1 ratio swing with balance bar,CLOSEOUTWILWOOD$157.95
029 340-5181
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Reverse Mount Brake pedal dual Master Cylinder with balance bar 6.25:1 ratio CLOSEOUTWILWOOD$157.95